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Red Steel Hands On
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Red Steel was one Wii game that got quite a few moderate to negative reviews at E3. Robert Workman of GameDaily got a hold of a recent build, and his comments are quite positive.


The first (portion of the demo) involved a series of gunfights throughout a building, where you actually had to use the nunchuck controller for movement and the Wii-mote for aiming, a nice twist added to the otherwise typical first-person shooting formula. Aiming takes some slight adjustment, thanks to the fact you actually have to point at the Wii system instead of the TV screen, but it still works like a charm, letting you pull off crucial shots, like some devasating head blasts and room-clearing strings of shots that allow you to build up combo moves.


But let's get to the good segment we talked about in a brief hands-on report, the sword fighting. We found ourselves pitted against a tattooed assassin with a blade all his own, and not only had to time our offensive attacks just right to chip away at his precious energy, but also use defensive maneuvers to prevent our own life bar from being literally cut to shreds. Using the Wii-mote and slight movements with the "Nunchuck" you have to basically time your moves just right in order to win the battle. Depending on the difficulty level, this can be quite strugglesome, but it's an intriguing addition that adds a bit of personality to the game, instead of just having you pull out a gun and shoot him dead. (That's dishonorable, you know.) The sword fighting is some of the best around (thus far) and hopefully, we'll see more segments like this included in the final game.

So, it sounds like maybe the builds are E3 were truly early, and it is shaping up to be a nice addition to the Wii launch lineup. I really hope so, because this is one game I would be interested to try with the Wii. In another thread I posted that there was some feedback from E3 that the Wii-mote only worked well with simple games like Wii sports. If they can pull off a good game experience with Red Steel, it could really change that type of thinking.


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I heard that it wasn't responsive. I hope that Nintendo is able to make the game work.

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yea i also herd it doesnt handle well and that it was too sensitive but u gotta admit sword fighting online.....priceless Wink

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