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Keiji Inafune Pays a Visit
Favorite NES Mega Man Game?

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Post Keiji Inafune Pays a Visit 
So I check my messages at 5:45pm today. I have a message from The GameStop Voice (you know the one). I almost skip it and go on to the next message thinking it was just going to tell me my copy of Lost Planet has dropped... I'd already picked up the game earlier, but laziness or whatever kept me from the skip button and I'm glad I didn't press it since The Voice eventually informed me that none other than Keiji Inafune-san, The Father of the Blue Bomber (Mega Man) himself, was going to be at the local GameStop today to sign copies of Lost Planet from 5pm-8pm! I dropped the phone and was out the door before the message was over hoping that he wouldn't split early (like he did recently with a Dead Rising signing - which I missed). In the mad rush for the door I grabbed all the games I could think of off the top of my head to bring (unfortunately forgetting many minor gems) and set off. What I got: Resident Evil 2 (PSX/GC) and 4 (PS2/GC), Lost Planet (x2), Lost Planet action figure, and Mega Man 2 (cannot believe I spaced on Onimusha) I wasn't sure if he'd even sign anything other than Lost Planet so I wasn't too concerned at the time about getting _everything_. Since I got there kinda late - the mall is about 30 minutes away - I pretty much was able to walk right up and have him sign my stuff. He signed it all with a smile and the occasional "ahhhh..." as if remembering some of his older games with fondness. He also signed a great looking poster that GameStop was giving away. I took a picture or two: (other photos in photostream at link). Check 'em out.

It's so rare to have such a Japanese luminary visit us in the states. I was honored to meet him and next time, you'd better believe I'll have my copies of Onimusha (and waaaay more Mega Man) with me.

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