In our "Retro Respect" segment, we review the very cool Atari Flashback 2 game console. In addition to playing a large number of retro games out of the box, we further discuss the ability to hack the console to use actual 2600 cartridges. Then, we present the first part of a two part phone interview with Curt Vendel. Curt is the founder of the Atari Historical Society, runs atarimuseum.com, and was the project and hardware lead for the Atari Flashback 2 game console.

During our "rant" segment we discuss the demise of TechTV and G4. We ponder on why it is still referred to as, "Video Game Television" when less than 50% of the actual content being provided is even slightly video game related.

Our "Gaming Moments" this episode include a look at Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion (360), Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (360), Feeding Frenzy (360), and Star Soldier (PSP).

In our look at the news we discuss a video of the new Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo DS that was shown at the GDC, that "I Eat Poo" is ripping up the Metroid Prime Hunters online leader boards, that some people are experiencing nature virtually (exclusively), and that a player in a MMORPG is going to be crucified for his actions in the game.