In our "discussion" segment we talk about my recent trip to "California Extreme", a classic arcade show in San Jose, California. We discuss the presentations I attended which included an Atari Panel Discussion as well as a presentation by Eugene Jarvis which focused on the making of the classic arcade game, "Robotron: 2084".

During our "Retro Respect" segment, we take a look back at the history of Star Wars video games. We start off the segment by discussing the very early Atari 2600 and arcade-based titles. The segment concludes with a discussion of the latest entries including "Star Wars: Battlefront II", "Knights of the Old Republic II", and "Lego Star Wars".

Our "Gaming Moments" this episode include Prey (360), Moto GP (360), NCAA Football 2007 (360), Super Mario 64 (DS), New Super Mario Bros. (DS), Advance Wars: Dual Strike (DS), Loco Roco (PSP), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (PSP), Star Wars: Empire at War (PC), Heroes of Might and Magic V (PC), and Spaceward Ho! (PC).

In our look at the news we discuss the fact that we will be seeing a new Xbox-live arcade game each Wednesday this summer, that Sony is killing off UMD movies in favor of memory-stick based ones, the ability to downgrade 2.50/2.60 PSPs, PSP 2.71 firmware emulation, the name of John Romero's game studio, and the top 20 games that nobody played.