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The Ultimate Home Arcade

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 3:41 pm
by iamsjn
Here's another find I posted on Digg awhile back -

LOOK AT THIS GUY'S HOME ARCADE!! JUST LOOK AT IT!! (Did ya pee a little? Yea, I did too...)

I found Peter Hirschberg's site years ago and have kept it close ever since. He has got to have the most fantastic, historically accurate portrayal of a classic 80's arcade that I've ever seen! Peter is DEFINATELY a candidate for having on the show. Alot of us out here would love to get into collecting coin-ops and having someone like Peter on would be just the ticket!

Other than the machines he's got, I want to know what he's got powering all of those cabinets!!!

SjN :wink:

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 7:54 pm
by raz0red
Ah yeah, Peter Hirschberg, we definitely need to get him on a future podcast.

My current arcade collection is at 24 games, pretty small compared to Pete's, but they are my most prized possessions... He also has the killer setup with the retro carpeting, etc.


Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:33 pm
by msaeger
Only 24 :) so are there pictures ?

I just bought my first house and always said I would get a pinball when I did but now it's going to have to wait until I get some money :)

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:58 pm
by raz0red
There are *some* pictures.

I haven't updated the site for a while. However, I am going to go through, finish taking pictures of all my games, add text to them, etc. I am also going to add pictures of all the old computers I have been talking about on the podcast and put them under a "Classic Computers" category.

And just an FYI. I talk about using Daphne for my Dragon's Lair in one of my blog entries. I scrapped that idea and went 100% original. I am running the actual laserdisc, actual hardware, etc. etc. That and Star Wars are my two favorites.


Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 5:33 am
by iamsjn
Fantastic pics Raz0red! Didn't know you collected Coin-Ops! I really want to start my own collection but two things stand in my way.

1. The Boss. Somehow I can't see her saying "Sure honey! Move the furniture out of the formal living room, lay some neon carpet down, paint the walls black and fill it with video games!" Not gonna happen... :?

2. I have this unfounded fear of installing a cap kit on those monitors. Specifically discharging the anode. I fear electricity something fierce. Surly someone gets paid for doing this so I don't have to subject myself to this nightmare.

One of these days though, I hope to collect my own cabinets. Great job on the pics! Look forward to hearing from you guys at the California Extreme classic video game show!

Keep Gaming,

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 7:06 am
by raz0red
Heh, yeah, I share issue #1. But, I was given a room in the house, and the garage. Some day I would like to have a larger dedicated room, but I am happy just restoring them, getting to play them again, etc.

As far as #2, you really have nothing to fear. I picked up a "high voltage probe" off of eBay a while back. You can simply attach its lead from it to the monitor frame, and touch the anode with the probe portion, and watch the voltage drain. I usually do that once, wait a bit, then do it again just to make sure. Once that is done, you won't have any issues. I can't count how many cap kits I have done... The most difficult ones are on the color vector monitors.

Good luck in negotiating a cabinet or two. I think my wife would have been fine with that, but once we reached 20 she got a little more concerned... But, I haven't got any new ones for a while, too backlogged on restoring the ones I have. Most of them are working now, so I may look at swapping some of them out for some different games.

I am really looking forward to Cali Extreme... should be a blast.


Posted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 6:54 pm
by Schush
Nice collection there, dude! It is a real addicting hobby! Myself, I have Star Wars, Indy Jones and Temple of Doom, A.p.b.,720 and 1 pinball, Comet.....

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 4:39 am
by Harmik
I'd love to see some more pic's of your collection raz0red. I just collect old consoles, I used to own a lot of old computers back in the day. ( Am I Allowed to say that ) ATARI 800XL, ST, Commodore 64, Spectravideo SV-328, APPLE 2C and many more.

I have been resisting the urge to get them all again, and I used to sell ATARI and SEGA computers through my computer shop PH Computers. Yes SEGA computers SC3000 and SC3000H, I would however like to build a Mame setup and maybe get an original Strategy X and some others.

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:49 pm
by raz0red
I will post some new pics shortly. I have been restoring a Defender for the past couple of months (my first Williams game). It took forever to find one, but it was worth the wait. The only bad part is that I know realize just how bad I am at it... :D


Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 1:28 am
by Harmik
I used to be awesome at Defenter on the Atari 800XL or at least I thought I was with the people i knew, now with the internet I probably rank about one billionth. :)