Twitch Asylum Video Game Radio Episode #12

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Post by msaeger » Sat Oct 07, 2006 12:07 pm

I finally listened to this episode and the retro segment was really interesting. I only played the ultima games on the NES and don't remember what pc number they correspond to. I really liked the morality aspect of the 2nd NES game (don't know the name quest for the avitar maybe) There was one item you found in the game that would just kill everything during a fight and when you found it they didn't really tell you what it was. Well I just started using it and wasn't watching the stats it turned out that it would lower some of your stats each time you used it and before I figured it out my party was so far gone I just had to start over again. I think these games are more what Fable wanted to be.

I think that is a big difference between older games and the current ones. Now they would never make a game with consequences like that. Maybe EA making Ultima 9 more on rails was an attempt to appeal to a larger audiance. Only the hard core gamers would keep playing a game where you could get in trouble so bad you would have to start all over again.
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