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PSP 2.0? Time to sell your PSP?

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2006 6:38 pm
by raz0red
Seems Sony’s current internal plans call for a release of a refitted PSP around Christmas this year. The device will, indeed, be streamlined (thinner), lighter, boast 4 gigs of memory and a camera. Proteus indicated Sony is having a hell of a time with PlayStation 3 on several fronts (between PS3’s Cell processor and its built-in Blu-ray DVD, cost effectiveness has pretty much gone out the window). Seems the ever-phantasmic PS3 may well be delayed until next year, with Sony’s reworked PSP being positioned as a lead-in to its release (in the same way Nintendo’s release of the oh-so-sexy DS Lite heralds the coming of Revolution).
Not sure how reputable this source is. But, if it is, you might want to consider selling your PSP before it is too late. This one is supposed to have 4 gigs of onboard memory. No doubt in an effort to compete w/ iPod and of course the new Nintendo DS lite.