Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom

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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom

Post by iamsjn » Fri Sep 29, 2006 4:57 am

Saw an artlicle over in highlighting the new game Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom. In all honesty, the game really looks awesome.

Check it out here - ... erfire.htm

From the Xbox site:
Taking advantage of the processing power of the Xbox 360, randomly generated dungeons and landscapes, along with thousands of fierce on-screen enemies, will test the abilities of even the most skilled player, and will make for a new adventure around every corner. With a newly enhanced, intuitive control system, gamers will experience fast, blood-thirsty action.
The funny thing is that when I first saw the headline for the article, I thought that it was in reference to Raz0red's latest 360 nightmare.

Sorry Raz. Couldn't help it.
Need to go find more info on this game....

--SjN :wink:
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