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Post by PristineSteam » Tue Nov 28, 2006 10:46 pm

The other day I picked up Eragon, mostly because it supported 2-player co-op, and I am always looking for co-op games to play with my girlfriend. The game is fun and she was instantly hooked. It is not all that original, but it is fast paced, the graphics are nice, and the voice-overs are the actors from the movie. If you enjoyed Champions of Norrath style hack-and-slash, it is kind of like that with better graphics and without any shopping.

One thing I really liked is that during the dragon-riding segments, one player is the dragon and the other player is the rider. This is a very interesting approach to 2-player co-op. The rest of the time you are both humans.

On the down side, the game seems fairly easy, and it gives you too much specific prompting about what to do next. When you are supposed to use magic, someone will say "hey, go over to that thing and use your magic!" It takes some of the fun out of it to not be able to discover that for yourself.


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