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Alone In The Dark

Post by Horprodukt » Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:11 am

Anyone else playing this?

It's had mixed reviews, not all favourable, but by the clips i've seen of the game running i thought i'd pick it up.

This is nearly a triple A title... they were so close. Why they didn't delay the game and polish it off i don't know as they'd have had a big seller on their hands i'm sure. As it stands at the moment it's a great game, but full of bugs! There's plenty of getting stuck on invisible scenery. Geometry vanishing. Whilst driving the car can shoot up in to the air for no reason. It's the only game i've had that's frozen my 360 a few times as well.....often leading to moments of frustration.....

.... Apart from the bugs and glitches there's a good game in here. Plenty of original ideas. Physics based puzzles are good. Inventory item combining interesting.... bottle of booze + bandage + sticky tape + lighter = sticky bomb for example. The environments are cool, lots of great set pieces. It all ticks along nicely (when it works). I'd be a bit miffed if i'd paid full price for this as you shouldn't pay for a glitched game, but if you see this discounted it's certainly worth picking up. I paid less than half price for mine, and i'm enjoying it.

I think due to reviews this may go unnoticed by many which is a shame, especially in the world of generic brain dead shooters (insert Unreal Tournament 3 etc here)

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