Wii7800 0.5 Released

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Wii7800 0.5 Released

Post by raz0red » Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:35 pm

Version 0.5 of Wii7800, a Nintendo Wii port of the ProSystem Atari 7800 emulator has been released.

You can download the emulator here.

Recent changes include:
  • Partial Expansion Module (XM) support
  • Support for cartridges with sizes greater than 144k
  • Additional bank switching modes and cartridge types
  • Reworked cartridge header detection
  • Display enhancements (GX+VI, 16:9 correction, 240p, Full widescreen, bilinear toggle)
  • Hierarchical file navigation support
  • USB and SMB (Network support) for loading ROMs
  • Reworked menu system
  • Various bug fixes (Kangaroo and Holey issues, audio improvements, etc.)
  • Support for launching via WiiFlow (and returning)
For complete documentation and usage instructions, please visit the Wii7800 WiiBrew page.

For status updates, known issues, or to provide feedback please visit the Wii7800 forum thread.

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