Since this is our first podcast, we start off the show by introducing ourselves and discussing how we see our podcast as being different from all of the other video game podcasts out there.

In our rant, we discuss how Electronic Gaming Monthly has degraded over time into a magazine that seems to enjoy ripping on games, their flawed review procedures, and their unbalanced top 200 list.

We discuss what we are currently playing, which includes: Dragon Quest VIII, Kameo, Call of Duty 2, Midway Arcade Classics (PSP), World of Warcraft, Real Flight (RC Helicopter Simulator) (PC), Geometry Wars, Neo Geo emulation (PSP), and the Star Wars arcade game.

In the news segment we discuss the fact that the 50 Cent video game went platinum, Xbox 360 and Revolution game delays, more PS3 details, a fired Sony employee, Majesco and Atari reporting losses, and the fact that Halo 2 will only work on Windows Vista.

In our "retro respect" segment we look back on the history of SNK, focusing on the ill-fated Neo Geo AES console. We discuss our memories of SNK and Neo Geo, and how you can play the games today.