After a long delay, we are back with a new episode. We sincerely thank all of our loyal listeners who stuck with us and we look forward producing many, many more episodes every two weeks.

In our "discussion" segment, we take a look back at E3. Was Sony really as bad as they appeared? Did they really want use to use the PSP as a rear view mirror? What games can we expect to see on the 360 over the next year? Did Nintendo's controller really perform as well as we were lead to believe?

During our "Retro Respect" segment, we take a look back at the Apple II computer. While not initially obvious, we discuss how many aspects of the Apple II's design were driven by video games. We also take a look at how many top game developers got their start programming on the Apple II. Finally we discuss our memories of the Apple II as well as discussing some of our favorite games.

Our "Gaming Moments" this episode include Lost Planet (360), Test Drive Unlimited (360), Tomb Raider Legend (360), 2006 FIFA World Cup (360), Beatmania (PS2), Gallop Racer (PS2), Tourist Trophy (PS2), Ikaruga (Dreamcast), Zombies ate my Neighbors (SNES), Starglider (Atari ST), and Defender of the Crown (Atari ST).

In our look at the news we discuss the fact that the 360 has been hacked, the fact that Sony believes gamers will buy the PS3 even if it doesn't have any games, Xbox Live hitting 24 million downloads, and the California Extreme classic video game show.